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Project-Based Learning

What is Project-Based Learning?

When students engage in project-based learning, they learn how to engage in project  management, how to collaborate with their peers, how to design products, how to solve problems, and how to think critically. They are prepared for the Creative Economy while also growing into passionate, life-long learners.  Note that PBL is different from a culminating project, because here students are learning through the project.

Why Project Based Learning?

We want all of our students to be prepared to live life on their own terms.  Part of living life on your own terms is having the skills necessary to be successful in a chosen college/career pathway after high school. The world of work is changing rapidly, as are the needs expressed from employers for their new hires. Project based learning or PBL is an educational approach that offers a wide range of flexible options for students to show they have mastered course content. Rather than simply taking a test, students apply their knowledge in the form of a project. Not only do students grow in their understanding of the content, they also develop skills in other disciplines, the deeper learning competencies, which have wide ranging applications across the vast majority of career fields. 

The Deeper Learning Competencies

Academic Mindset: How You See Yourself As A Learner
Content Mastery: What You Learn
Communication: How You Speak About Your Learning
Collaboration: How You Engage Others In Your Learning
Problem Solving: How You Apply Your Learning
Self Directed Learning: How You Expand Your Learning


Showing mastery of course content through projects helps students become firmer in their own identities. The flexibility PBL offers increases student voice and choice. 


PBL gives students much needed practice in the creative process. Students leaving school with intentional practice in creating will be better prepared to face the unique challenges of the future workforce. 


Students doing PBL rarely ask the question when will I use this, since the application of the content is built into the rhythm of the classroom. 


We all want to do work that matters. PBL gives greater opportunities to do work uniquely tailored to the individual student. Pride is the natural outcome of doing work that the student finds value in.